Student research projects

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32 Projects

Project namesort descending Area Theme
100% renewable electricity in a Sunbelt country/state Planning and Optimisation Energy
Atomically thin opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and/or mechanical devices based on novel two dimensional nano-materials
BE Honours and Master Projects in Communications Communications Information
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery Machine Learning Materials
Computer vision for corrosion detection Machine Learning Information
Data augmentation and dimension reduction methods for the physical sciences and engineering Data Mining & Matching, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Machine Learning Information, Intelligence, Materials
Design and Analysis of 5+ and 6G Communications Systems Communications Information
Design and Analysis of Molecular Communications Systems Communications Information
Development of efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules Photovoltaics Energy, Fabrication, Materials
Energy arbitrage model for pumped hydro and battery storage systems Energy Storage Energy
Facial Expression Recognition from Masked Faces Computer Vision, Machine Learning Intelligence
Federated Learning for Competitive Collaboration Algorithms, Machine Learning Computer Systems, Intelligence
Flexible and wearable sensors
HCI design of digital and tangible technologies for environmentally-sustainable campus practices Human-Centred Computing
HCI design of tangible and social technologies for intergenerational language transmission and use over a distance Human-Centred Computing Intelligence
HypyDesygn: Combining artificial and human intelligence Databases, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Software Engineering Computer Systems, Intelligence
Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Optimisation using Evolutionary Algorithms High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Nanomaterials Intelligence, Materials
Measuring the temperature-dependence of mobility in crystalline silicon under illumination Photovoltaics Energy, Materials
Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS/NEMS) based novel biomedical devices Micro & Nano Systems Fabrication
Pathway to a fully decarbonised energy future in Singapore Planning and Optimisation Energy
PhD project in Energy Analytics: Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Signal Processing Energy
PhD Research Projects in Communications Communications Information
Power generation for wearable devices
Production of composite materials for 3D printing Manufacturing Materials
Production of sustainable cement Manufacturing Materials
Robustification of Materials Informatics High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials Intelligence, Materials
Self-Monitoring of 3D Printing Performance using Machine Learning Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Signal Processing, Software Engineering Intelligence
Short-term solar energy forecasting from sky video sequences Computer Vision Information
Staring at the Night Sky Computer Vision Intelligence
Sustainable Materials Design using Machine Learning Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Planning and Optimisation Energy, Information, Intelligence, Materials
Towards Better Images of the Universe Machine Learning Intelligence
“Fingerprinting” molecular and materials systems using neural networks High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Nanomaterials Intelligence, Materials

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