Dr Sid Chau

Sid Chi-Kin Chau is with the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. He was an Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science at Masdar Institute, which was created in collaboration with MIT, and is a part of Khalifa University.
His research interests are related to the computing systems and applications for sustainable smart cities by applying Internet-of-things, computational intelligence, advanced algorithms and big data analytics to develop sustainable solutions for smart cities (including smart grid, smart buildings, intelligent vehicles and transportation). He also researches in broad areas of blockchain, Internet-of-things, and algorithms.
Previously, he was a visiting professor with MIT, a senior research fellow with A*STAR in Singapore, a Croucher Foundation research fellow with University College London with a research fellowship awarded by the Croucher Foundation Hong Kong, a visiting researcher with IBM Watson Research Center and BBN Technologies, and a post-doctoral research associate with University of Cambridge. He received the Ph.D. from University of Cambridge with a scholarship by the Croucher Foundation Hong Kong, and B.Eng. (First-class Honours) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He is on the TPC of several top conferences in smart energy systems and smart cities, such as ACM e-Energy, ACM BuildSys, ACM MobiHoc. He is a TPC co-chair of ACM e-Energy 2018, and guest editor for IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications Special Issue on Design and Analysis of Communication Interfaces for Industry 4.0, IEEE Journal of Internet-of-Things Special Issue on Internet-of-Things for Smart Energy Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing Special Issue on Intersection of Computing and Communication Technologies with Energy Systems. He is an associate editor of IET Smart Grid. He was a co-founder of a start-up specializing in intelligent systems and big data analytics for smart building management.
  • Smart Cities/Buildings/Grids
  • Blockhain and Privacy
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
  • Algorithms and Optimization
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