ANU Engineers patent breakthrough sensor technology

Dr Antonio Tricoli

Working at the interface of biology and engineering, engineers at ANU have developed a revolutionary device that will enable people to detect diseases by measuring markers in their breath.
“Breath contains more than 10,000 compounds, which can tell us what food has been consumed, how much, and if there is an undiagnosed medical condition,” says Dr Antonio Tricoli, lead researcher on the project.

Using the National Computational Infrastructure’s supercomputer, the team of engineers have designed a mobile sensor made of billions of interconnected nanoparticles to analyse the compounds.

Tricoli has submitted a patent for this technology and has worked with Swiss company Sensirion to make a device just 300 micrometres wide, small enough to fit inside a mobile phone.

The implication for cheap, mobile, non-invasive diagnostics is potentially revolutionary. The earlier diseases are able to be detected, the higher the chance for recovery.


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